Effects of alpha lipoic acid on level of NO and MPO activity in diabetic rats

Hassan Ahmadvand, Parisa Jamor, Parisa Jamor


Introduction: Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a natural antioxidant including anti-diabetic properties and it is effective in improving the complications of diabetic nephropathy.
Objectives: In this study, the beneficial effects of ALA on serum and liver myeloperoxidase activity and serum level of nitric oxide in alloxan-induced diabetic rats were investigated.
Materials and Methods: In this study randomly 30 male Sprague Dawley rats were divided into 3 groups; first controlling groups, second untreated diabetic, third diabetic rats treated with daily injections 100 mg/kg ALA. In second and third groups, diabetes was induced by injections of 100 mg/kg subcutaneously alloxan. Having treated in 6 weeks, the animals were anesthetized, heart phlebotomizing was done in order to measure level of NO and myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity in serum. Then liver was excised quickly and kept in the freezer -20°C so as to measure myeloperoxidase activity.
Results: Compared to the untreated diabetic group, ALA significantly reduces myeloperoxidase activity on serum and liver, decreased serum levels of NO in the treatment group.
Conclusion: The results show that ALA may have anti-inflammatory properties and it may improve liver function in diabetic damages induced by oxidative stress. ALA also may have beneficial effects in reducing complications of diabetics as a strong antioxidant.


Core tip
Our study shows ALA reduced the level of nitic oxide and myeloperoxidase activity in diabetic treated group. The authors hope, the results of the present study help to improve inflammation and the complication in diabetic patients.


Citation: Ahmadvand H, Jamor P. Effects of alpha lipoic acid on level of NO and MPO activity in diabetic rats. Ann Res Antioxid. 2017;2(2):e04.


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