Flavonoid–induced nephropathy; increasing awareness

Amin Hasanvand, Sajad Papi, Banafsheh Yalameha


Nephropathy is an extensive range of disorders that there are numerous agents in creating it. The use of herbal products has enhanced signifcantly in recent years. In addition, high concentrations of metabolites like favonoids are in close connection with cause renal injury. Flavonoids are the water-soluble pigments and extracted from plants, fruits, leaves and fowers. They are used widely for treatment of different disorders and diseases. In this review we highlighted that favonoids contain benefcial effects. However, excessive consumption of this compound may induce adverse effects
such as toxicities in renal tissue.

Citation: Hasanvand A, Papi S, Yalameha B. Flavonoid–induced nephropathy;
increasing awareness. Ann Res Antioxid. 2018;3:e04.

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