Amount of limonene in different parts of plants

Shahrokh Bagheri, Hassan Ahmadvand, Reza Mohammadrezaei Kkorramabadi, Khosravi Peyman


Core  tip:  Limonene  plays  different  roles  in  medicine  such  as  therapeutic  effects  against cancer, infections, diabetes mellitus, oxidative stress, inflammation, allergy and asthma and other also has biological activities including antioxidant and chemopreventive properties.

Please  cite  this  paper  as:  Bagheri  S,  Ahmadvand  H,  Mohammadrezaei  Kkorramabadi  R, Khosravi P. Amount of limonene in different parts of plants. Geriatr Persia. 2017;1(1):e03.

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